Iris T-6/A Texan II (FREE!)


Description: The IRIS Pro Series T-6/A Texan II has been designed from the ground up based on the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) Student Guide

Our main criticism in the past has been performance related and as such, we have paid special attention to frame rates over a variety of different systems. The FSX version of the T-6/A Texan II is our first ‘Built for FSX’ product which features, self-shadowing, normal mapping and reflective bloom. Furthermore, designing the FSX version using the FSX exporter has resulted in the ability to provide much higher levels of detail in the virtual cockpit than obtained in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 products.


  • A choice of high quality 32 bit textures or medium quality DXT3 Textures for improved frame rates in high detail environments.
  • Backlit canopy gauges for accuate night-time flying.
  • Interactive Virtual Cockpit including a wide variety of custom interactive objects.
  • Appearing warning labels, prop restraints and intake covers plus more from a pre-boarding checklist.
  • Custom Soundpack designed by Christoffer Petersen from Turbine Sound Studios.
  • Custom designed simulation systems including the Trim Aid Device.
  • Enhanced flight dynamics from flight dynamics modeller Rick Piper complete with spin ability in both FS9 and FSX.
  • Two external models covering the Texan II and the Texan II NTA with external fuel tanks.
  • Authentic new 2D panel with VFR and popup windows, all with custom programmed XML gauges throughout.

Author: IRIS Flight Simulator software

Size: 16.350 Kb