World of AI is going to stop



“After serving the FS community for a lot of years and having made several easy to install WOAI packages its time to look forward.
As many already noticed there was almost no activity at WOAI the last year.
To be honest, we are a bit tired of FS, most of us haven’t fired up FS for a long time and there are a lot of real life issues that come in the first place.

This has led to our decission to stop with World of AI.
At 30 April 2013 our website and support forum will go black.
This also mean that at 30 april 2013 we will remove all our packages and the installer from AVSIM and Flightsim.

We want to thank all the contributors to the World of AI packages for there trust in us by giving there permission to use there work the past years.

On behalve of World of AI.

Peter van der veen”